Luxury Handmade Christmas Crackers with Unique Content

We always wished we could have Christmas Crackers with something different from the usual boring content. So in 2004, we founded Crackers Ltd to make Crackers that offer something more interesting than the mass produced ones available then. 15 years later, we are still growing and innovating our range, offering new and unusual content in a variety of luxury papers, all hand filled by us in the UK.

This year, we have a wider than ever range of family crackers, with fun content suitable for both kids and adults, also glass collectibles, lucky sixpences, puppets and many other unique ideas. We also have our own printed quality cotton napkins that can be re-used every Christmas - the start of a new tradition possibly!

As the crackers are hand-filled by us in the UK, we are able to react quickly to special requests and larger quantities.

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