Luxury Handmade Christmas Crackers with Unique Content

Welcome to the Christmas Cracker Shop.

Established in 2004, we have everything here from traditional Christmas Crackers to our new reusable, recyclable tin Christmas Crackers.  We can also supply quality paper hats (tissue crowns) and jokes on their own.We have a huge range, with all the best Christmas Crackers for 2022! 

From our new reusable tin Christmas crackers to flat packs and fill your owns , for that special touch, to our premium crackers with glass figurines, pewter pets and tiny music boxes (hurdy gurdys).  Lots of fresh contemporary designs.

Our complete range of Christmas Crackers comprises of: Fill Your Own Christmas Crackers on a huge range of designs, including 4 packs of Christmas, suitable for the smaller family gathering, as well as sets of 6 and 12.  We have flat pack make your own Christmas Crackers if you prefer to put them together yourself. 

We also have:
•    Glass animal figurines Christmas Crackers
•    Hurdy Gurdy (wind up music boxes playing Christmas Carols) Christmas Crackers
•    Pewter Pet Christmas Crackers
•    Pull Back Racer Christmas Crackers
•    Pamper Christmas Crackers
•    Family Fun Bingo Christmas Crackers
•    Magic Trick Christmas Crackers
•    Nativity Scene Decorations Christmas Crackers
•    Quality premium family content Christmas Crackers

All of our ranges are available in 4 packs, as well as 6 or 8 where possible, and across the range in a wide selection of quality Christmas Deigns:
•    Cheerful reindeers on white
•    Dear Santa on Silver
•    Contemporary Christmas Trees on white
•    Silver Snowflake
•    Holly and Berries on white
•    Bright metallic colours: pink, blue, red, silver, gold, purple, green, lime, Midnight Blue, Rose Gold, bronze and black
•    Golden Glory
•    Christmas Dogs on silver
•    Christmas Cat on gold
•    Snowy Street scene
•    Festive Snowman on silver
•    Santa Claus on Gold
•    Christmas Pugs on silver
•    Christmas Kitten on Silver
•    Holly on Gold
•    Red Poinsettia on Gold
•    Christmas Trees on Silver
•    Happy Reindeers on Gold
•    Peacock plumage on gold
•    Winter birds on ice blue
•    Santa Hat on Gold
•    Christmas Baubles on silver
•    Mistletoe on silver
•    Festive Characters - Reindeer, Nutcracker, Snowman, Elf, Santa and Penguin
•    Art Deco – gold on Black
•    Joy -in red and green
•    12 days of Christmas
•    Selection box in shades of red and green•   

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